Did you know that over 1.5 billion individuals log into Facebook every day? 


The power of social media cannot be denied any longer, and with the average time spent on social media totaling 142 minutes every day (that’s over 2 hours a day!), attracting new customers via their social pages is a no-brainer. But this requires dedication, creative posts, time, and some advertising investment. 


Every time you log on, you will no doubt find yourself confronted with business adverts and images as you scroll down your social feed. These days, it seems as though everyone is using social media and if you don’t have a Facebook page for your business you could be missing out on a lot of clients, reviews and recommendations. 


While it can be easy to look at a competitor and think you’ll never be able to match them, chances are they started right where you are today. And you’re not alone - we’re here to give you the boost you need. 


But no matter how important social media can be to your business, like many things it’s only as good as you make it. That’s why if you are unsure of what to do or where to start then let us help! 


With social media expertise across a range of sectors and organisations, we can set up all your social media for you and even manage your accounts on a daily basis. 


To help you grow your business and your online presence, we have come up with three great social media packages for you to choose from. 




√ Facebook Page Setup

√ Setup your Profile Photo

√ Setup your Cover Photo

√ 1 x Photo Album with up to 10

of your images

√ Enter Information You Supply Via

our Info Document

√ Your First Facebook Post!



√ Instagram Account Setup

√ Setup your Profile Photo

√ Hashtag Research and Collation

√ Enter Information You Supply Via

our Info Document

√ Upload 6 Images Using

Relevant Hashtags



 Facebook & Instagram Setup

√ Setup your Profile Photos

 Setup your Cover Photo

 FB - 1 x Photo Album with up to

10 of your images

 Enter Information You Supply Via

our Info Document

√ Your First Facebook Post!

 Insta - Hashtag Research and Collation

 Insta - Upload 6 Images Using

Relevant Hashtags

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