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digipixi, social media management, digital marketing


Hi there, I'm Sarah, owner and founder of digipixi.

My online journey started in 2000, the year my son was born. A friend gave me an old computer and suggested the best way to learn was to try to break it. He assured me that there was nothing I could do that he couldn't fix! So I started my online adventure on a vintage computer while enjoying the era of free, (yes, free!) dial up internet - those were the days! 

​My introduction to design began when I couldn't find themed birthday party invitations or decorations for my son. So, I decided to make my own, becoming a Microsoft Word magician in the process. To my surprise I really enjoyed the creation process and l was pretty good at it. WordArt was my secret weapon, and soon, my designs caught the eyes of friends and family who asked me to create items for their events.

My fascination with the online world grew daily. Curiosity led me to experiment with website and blog creation, ultimately falling in love with WIX. Once again my family and friends started to notice the websites I was making, and they were interested in the blog I started. I happily helped them with their online presence, and FYI…if you dig deep enough you just might find some remnants of my early blogging/youtube adventures as 'Super Simple by Sarah’!

digipixi, social media management, digital marketing

Social media, as we know it today, started making its mark not long after. I admit, I had a MySpace account, and I loved that it allowed me to connect with old school friends and family overseas. However, it wasn't until Facebook arrived that my interest in social media truly took off.

As time went by, the digital world changed, and how we communicate shifted from websites and emails to blogs and social media. This change made the digital space more dynamic, personal, and community driven, reshaping how we connect and share.

2010 was a pivotal year when I joined the wedding industry as a photo editor for a renowned photographer (she is still a client to this day).​ As she discovered my skills in design, websites, and social media, my role expanded. Eventually, I played a key role in rebranding her business, sparking the inspiration for my own design venture, digipixi.

At the time, I took on a few select clients to have the freedom to pursue my other passion, weddings! Over the years, I explored various roles within the wedding industry, from bridal concierge to videographer, finally finding my other passion: wedding planning and content creation.

The journey led to a rewarding 5 year run of my own multi award-winning wedding planning business, where I immersed myself in social media, design, and marketing.​ During this time other wedding businesses started seeking my help with their social media, design and websites. So I made sure I had time to dedicate to digipixi and my wedding business. 

Nowadays, you could call me a Canva queen and automation fan. I'm here to help businesses thrive through social media management, content creation, digital products and WIX website design.​ I enjoy the variety and the chance to support my clients in various aspects of their business. 

When I'm not in the digital world, you'll find me enjoying moments with family and friends, taking photos, renovating our home, cooking, watching romance/action/Christmas/revenge movies, sipping green tea (no coffee for me!), and indulging in the thrill of MotoGP.​

Have a snoop around the site and drop me an email if you find something you like, I would love to support you in any way I can. 

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